Veg Fried Rice

Veg Fried rice is something I can never get enough of! I make different versions of this fried rice at home;today's recipe is something I have adapted of late.

Poosanikkai (Winter Melon) Kootu

What does 'MESS' mean? Untidy, dirty... But we, in South India, more precisely in Tamilnadu, have an all together different meaning for this word that goes off on a tangent.

Elaneer Payasam - Guest Post

The guest post section on Curries and Spices is back! And this time, it is my dear friend A, who is contributing a lip-smacking dessert!

Rava Idli - Back to blogging??!!

Everyone must be tired of hearing me say, 'I am back'.. It is fun to hear it from Arnold again and again,

A post for my patti..

"We are never too old for our grandparents" ~ Anonymous

Well, how true it is!! No matter how old we are, how many kids we have, whichever part of the world we are, we are the apple of the eyes for our grandparents. I am no exception!

So the other day when my good friend S at Ruchika cooks blogged about this event, I was thinking of breaking my blogging hibernation (hopefully) by posting the relationship my grandmother and I shared along with her favorite recipe.