Glory of the Green - Spicy Plain Palak

PALAK....! The green that used to make me go green.....!!! ;) Ya, there was no particular reason, but I never dared to touch palak in any form. But it was my sweet mom-in-law who broke the ice between me and PALAK!
It was during one of our usual trips to my in-laws place. On the lunch table, I was welcomed with a big bowl of green! I wasn't sure what type of green it was and I was too proud to display my ignorance by asking what it was. Yet my every instinct warned me about the so-called-enemity with Palak. But what else can I do with a darling hubby, loving MIL and caring FIL? So I quietly gulped down the first morsel with a spoonful of that green. But what?? Its not something I dreaded!! I really loved the texture, flavour and smell. I could hardly control my palates and curiosity that I smothered the greens all over the rice and started relishing it, ignoring the surprised stares of the 3 around me!!

Later that evening I learnt that it was PALAK and my MIL had prepared it in the simplest way. Then as the fairy tale story goes, now palak is a part of our weekly menu. So here I am, singing the glory of Green!!

Spicy Plain Palak
Spinach leaves blanched and cooked with mild spices
Serves 2

What we need:
Palak (Spinach) leaves – a bunch
Green chillies – 2 to 3
Cumin (Jeera) seeds – 1 tbsp.
Peppercorns – 4 to 5
Rice – 1 tbsp.
Salt - as needed
Water – as needed

For tempering:
Urad dal – 1 tbsp.
Asafetida – a pinch
Red Chillies – 2 or 3
Oil – 2 tbsp.

How to do:
1. Soak the rice in water for about 10 minutes.
2. Wash, clean and boil the palak leaves for about 5 to 7 minutes.
3. Cool the palak and grind it in a blender or mixie along with green chillies, cumin, peppercorn, soaked rice and salt.
4. Heat oil in a kadai and add broken urad dal, red chillies and asafetida.
5. When they are done, add the palak mixture.
6. Check the consistency; if it is too watery, dissolve a spoon of rice flour in a tbsp. of water and add it to the gravy.
7. Bring it to a boil and remove from the flame.
Depending on your taste, you can vary the number of green chillies.

Serve with rice and papad or rotis.

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Sanjana said...

My ABSOLOUTE favourite! Fantastic recipe!