All about starting this blog.....

Well, honestly, (read: Disclaimer) I am not a devoted, dedicated cook, who loves to try out new recipes, or feed some 50 odd guests at the same time. But, I am quiet a foodie myself, who loves to eat a lot (never caring about that extra calories, or that little weighing machine smiling at me!) Then, a lot of free time, and an obvious interest in food, has turned me towards the world of BLOGGING.. So here I come!!

Most of the recipes I would be posting here are not new or unknown recipes (read: Disclaimer, again!) but if I am lucky enough to end up with something unusual and tasty, well, it sure is to find a place here. And also, I can vouch for the quality of these recipes, as they have been tested and tried with a few additions here, subtractions there and appreciated by none other than my Beloved hubby!

You are most welcome to post your suggestions, disagreements and comments, I would love to hear them from you, blogger friends, who are the first-hand-experts!

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