Thakali Rasam & Tested and tried Sandhya's Coriander Roti

Another lazy Sunday.. Another round of thinking what to do for Brunch....

So, I was sipping my coffee and staring out from my window at the Alps when I heard some rattling from the kitchen. Rest assured that I don't own cats, I took a peek and was surprised to see my darling hubby playing around with tomatoes and tamarind. A smile! and I understood that he had taken the responsibility of the day's cooking. What more could make you as happy as to see your loved one cooking for you! :)

So this rasam was prepared by none other than my loving V. For most of my blogger buddies, this recipe is a breeze and probably a "Is this a recipe at all?" question has already popped up. I am posting this for the benefit of absolute beginners and bachelors.

Here we go!!

Thakali Rasam
Serves 2
What we need:
Tomato, medium sized - 1
Tamarind extract - made from a marble sized tamarind ball
Rasam Powder - 2 tbsp.
Asafoetida - 2 pinch
Salt - as needed
Water - as needed
Coriander - for garnishing

For tempering:
Mustard - 1 tsp.
Cumin (Jeera) - 1tsp.
Ghee - 1 tbsp.
Asafoetida - a pinch
Curry leaves - a sprig

How to do:
1. Chop the tomatoes. Prepare the tamarind extract by squeezing the tamarind using a cup of warm water.
2. In a deep bottomed vessel, put the chopped tomatoes, tamarind extract, rasam powder, salt, asafoetida and stir well.
3. Keep in this medium-high flame, till it comes to a boil. Remove from flame and set aside.
4. In a small pan, heat ghee and add mustard. When it starts to pop, add cumin, asafoetida and curry leaves.
5. Add this tempering to the rasam and garnish with coriander.

Note: The most important thing about Rasam is the flavor. Do not let the rasam boil for more than once. It is the secret to retain the flavor.
Another secret to a lip-smacking rasam is Coriander and Asafoetida. Both these ingredients increase the flavor and taste by many-folds.

Tested and Tried:
Sandhya's Coriander Roti
Last Sunday, I tried out the Coriander Roti from Sandhya's Kitchen . The only change I did was to omit the green chillies and add Jeera instead of Ajwain. It was definitely worth the try and was a welcome change to an otherwise normal roti. As Sandhya had posted, it was also an effective way to use up all the drying Coriander. :)

Thanks again Sandhya , for sharing it with us! For the original recipe, please click here.


Ambika said...

Hi Rohini, Thanks for your generous comments! I knew about 'Garnish the Dish' event by Nithya and Pavithra,, but didn't think my dish was worthy of being sent to that event :D, Now that you've told me, I'm going to send it off today itself...yay, I'm so happy :), Thankyou so much!!!!!

And btw, rasam is my ultimate comfort food!! Any kind of rasam with steaming rice and appalam, thats all I need to be in a state of bliss!

Unknown said...

Rasam looks comfort food...Corainder roti looks great!!I loved sandya's too..Keep rocking..

Sree vidya said...

Yummy rasam
Though making rasam is simple, it is such a comfort food and many a times, when we ought to eat out, we wouldn't long for an exotic dish but a simple rasam.
Though I can make a perfect rasam, it is always nice to have, when made by someone who loves us.
I feel, their warmth and affection gets into the rasam.
Rotis look perfect tooo.

Sree vidya said...

know wat?
I just noted your blog's tagline
Cooked with love...
It's cool and awesome
Words nicely put

Raks said...

You tried so soon! Even my friend told she is going to try out soon,I too will :)

Jeyashris Kitchen said...

rasam is always a comfortable dish.Looks yummy.I put the sambar powder for the rasam also since i make rasam once a week. even my mom makes with rasam powder.
Nice u have tried the roti so soon.I too have kept that in mind,will have to make soon

Shanthi Krishnakumar said...

Comfortable saadam and rasam and Lovely click dear.

chef and her kitchen said...

first time here...
simple rasam....nice roti..

Raje said...

Yummy Rasam and the rotis look great too!

Rohini said...

Thanks friends for your lovely words.. Yes, I agree.. Having rasam and rice just leaves me in a state of bliss! ;)